Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nail Love - Illamasqua

One thing I haven't blogged about yet is how much I love painting my nails! Like literally love it! If I had time (and patience) I would paint my nails a different colour every day! I actually have a phobia (maybe an exaggeration but something near a phobia lets say) of going out of the house with unpainted nails!!

Due to my love of nail polish it means I am constantly buying nail polishes and I have a lot!!

My favourite brand of nail polishes is Illamsqua . I only discovered Illamasqua nail polish a couple of years ago when my flat mate at the time was doing research into make up brands which didn't test products on animals (Good news is Illamasqua doesn't test on animals - hurrah!)

Now I won't lie, at first I found it a little tricky using the square ended brush to apply the nail polish but I have since got used to that and it really is without a doubt the best nail polish out there!

The best thing about Illamasqua is that it paints on your nails so smoothly that even if you make a mistake (which I am prone too as I'm always in a hurry) it miraculously doesn't seem to show up! Brilliant!! I also find it drys really quickly which is another bonus for me as I usually paint my nails at the most awkward inconvenient times without thinking (For example - when I'm running out of the house/need to cook the tea/wrapping birthday presents/heading into a meeting at work/going to bed...the list goes on!)
Another reason they're my favourite brand is that it doesn't chip easily! This is great for me as, as much as I would love to paint my nails every night I just don't have time so with Illamsqua polish I'm able to paint my nails on a Sunday night and they're still looking freshly painted for a Friday night out! Perfect!!

Around the start of the year Illamasqua brought out the Speckled nail polish range. I got so excited that I bought two!!

I love love the effect this polish gives and always get so many lovely comments when I am wearing it with everyone saying it looks like I've had my nails done professionally! Yey!
The only thing I would say with these polishes though is it is a nightmare to get off! Is it just me or has anyone else had problems removing this polish?! I find that the polish itself comes off really easily but the 'speckles' (glitter) get stuck on the nails and are difficult to remove. If anyone has got any tips then they would be greatly appreciated as I ended up chipping off this polish at my desk with my work door pass the other day much to my colleagues horror (I know I know soooo bad!!!!)

But look how great it looks -

Removing the speckled nail polish aside they are still the best nail polish I have tried.

The Illamasqua nail polishes are little more pricey (costing between £12-£15) than say Barry M polishes but you definitely get what you pay for and they come in a range of fabulous colours. Check em out! I purchased these two last summer and they still haven't gone gloopy (you know as old/overused nail polishes tend to do) despite using them on a regular basis.

So to sum up, I would recommend you all treat yourself to a Illamsaqaua nail polish...go on...do it now...

Love K x

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