Thursday, 10 October 2013


I love Instagram and I'm not afraid to say it! I love documenting my life in pictures on this app - from exciting days out to pictures of my slippers! I love how I can take a snap on my phone and then upload it to instagram and someone the other side of the world can like it! I love looking at other peoples instagram pictures and following peoples day to day whether it be a fellow blogger or a celebrity instagrammer!

Being someone who loves to regularly get their digital camera prints printed I was really excited when I discovered you could get your instagram prints printed out!! Like physically have them in your hand, stuck on the wall or on the fridge!! Brilliant!

I've used 3 different services to print my instagram pics this year so thought I'd do a little post about them as think they are all fab & I discovered all of these services through reading about them on other peoples blogs!! So if you instagram as much as me...keep reading!!


Now I can't actually remember who recommended these too me as I got them printed at the start of the year - and I can barely remember what I did yesterday let alone in January! But needless to say some lovely blogger brought them into my life!

Firebox prints instagram prints for you in Polaroid sizes and they come with a tiny little sharpie pen so you can scribble comments underneath the pictures (although James banned me from doing this on ours as he said I'm spoiling them! Boys!)

12 prints will cost you £9.99
24 prints will only set you back £14.99

I went the whole hog and ordered 24 and was really pleased with the quality of them, especially considering most of them were snapped on my (not so top of the range) android phone!


I read about Origami on London Lip Gloss's blog and placed an order for mine the same day!

There are several options for the photos to be printed. You can get 36 Polaroid style prints 4 x 5 or 36 square prints 4 x 4.

I went for the Polaroid style prints with a colourful Spectrum design on the back. If you geo-tag your instagram pictures when you take them, you can get them printed with a map of where the photos were snapped on the back. I thought this was a super idea however I'd never done this with mine so I couldn't go for this. I am now geo-tagging everything ready for my next batch!!

I thought Origrami offer a really fab service and they came in a really cute little cardboard packet to keep them safe. The company is based in Sydney Australia and so it took two weeks for the pictures to arrive but it was free shipping and for 36 prints it only cost $21.95 which worked out at £12!! Such a bargain if you ask me!! I love them!!


I discovered stickygram on Barri & Belle blog and immediately knew I had to have some magnets of my instagram prints! I couldn't decide between my prints so ordered two sets costing $14.99 per sheet which worked out at about £17 in total for both.

This company also offered free delivery worldwide and they arrived in two days which I was great service!

James rolled his eyes when he heard I'd ordered some more instagram prints but was as pleased with me when they arrived and I excitedly got to work arranging them on the fridge!!

I think these would be a lovely little stocking filler Christmas gift for family too and I know for a fact my Gran and Mum would both like some for their fridges!

I also have a treat for you - if you want to order some stcikygram prints then use the following code at the checkout to get $2 off - FRIENDPJF9

And here they are on my fridge - ta dah!

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